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13th Missouri casino to open on Oct. 30 : Stltoday

Missouri’s 13th casino is now scheduled to open by the end of the month.

Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. said Monday it will open its new $135 million Isle Casino Cape Girardeau on Oct. 30 in the southeast Missouri town, pending final approval from the Missouri Gaming Commission. The casino includes five restaurants, a 750-seat multipurpose room, 1,000 slot machines and 28 table games.

Mayor Harry Rediger said the casino has created 450 new jobs and will bring an estimated 1 million visitors each year to downtown Cape Girardeau.

“It is a very big economic boost to our city,” Rediger said. “We’re really excited about it.”

A 2008 ballot measure approved by voters limits Missouri to 13 casino licenses. One became available in 2010 when the President Casino closed in St. Louis. The Missouri Gaming Commission chose the Cape Girardeau site over proposals in St. Louis and suburban Kansas City.

St. Louis-based Isle of Capri operates 15 other casinos around the country.

“This will be an exciting moment for our company and for the Cape Girardeau community,” Isle of Capri President and Chief Executive Officer Virginia McDowell said.

The Gaming Commission is scheduled to meet in Cape Girardeau on Oct. 24 and could approve the opening then. Gaming commission staff would then test casino workers in a mock operation before the casino would be allowed to open.

Some people in Cape Girardeau have opposed the casino, but Rediger said he has spoken with mayors in casino towns “from Iowa to Louisiana” who told him that fears about crime when casinos first came to the Midwest in the 1990s have proven unfounded.

“If anything, it has replaced a blighted area within our community,” Rediger said.

He acknowledged that gambling addictions may rise, citing statistics showing a small percentage of patrons will become problem gamblers.

“We’ve got entities and agencies in town that will help with programs to address that,” Rediger said

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Better pay tables worth some travel – Chicago Sun-Times

Story ImageQ. You’ve mentioned that video poker pay tables in the Chicago area have gone down. I asked a slot manager about it, and he said it’s because of the high gaming tax in Illinois, and they can’t do anything about it. Do you think that’s right?

Jake, Plainfield

A. The gaming tax paid by casinos in Illinois is high, with marginal rates on a sliding scale from 15 percent to 50 percent of gambling revenue. Indiana also is high, with a top rate of 40 percent, compared with 22 percent in Iowa, 21 percent Missouri or 6.75 percent in Nevada.

However, that same Illinois tax structure was in place five years ago, and players then had a large selection of games returning 99 percent-plus with expert play. There were even more good plays available a few years earlier, when Illinois imposed a top tax rate of 70 percent. Weaker pay tables clearly are not directly linked to tax rates.

Still, we have seen a de-emphasis on shot to win as a way casinos attempt to attract players. We see it not only in video poker, but at blackjack where nearly all tables in the area now have the dealer hit soft 17. That adds two-tenths of a percent to the house edge, a huge jump for a basic strategy player.

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Craps dealer charged with cheating at Ohio casino

It never pays to cheat


Toledo Hollywood Casino tour

TOLEDO, Ohio AP — Authorities say 11 people, including a casino dealer, have been accused of cheating at a casino in Toledo.The charges announced Wednesday are the first since the Hollywood Casino in Toledo opened in late May.Among those charged are a dealer who authorities say was making fraudulent wagers for a man at a craps table where she was working.Authorities also alleged six people took part in an organized roulette scam during the casino’s first few days of operation. Those six are from New York and New Jersey and face a total of 29 felony counts.Toledo’s casino was the second to open in Ohio this year.Prosecutors also have accused seven other people of trying to cheat at the new Horseshoe casino in Cleveland.

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Ohio Casinos’ Opening Cutting Into Winnings For Neighboring States

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — The opening of casinos in Ohio this spring means the luck is running out for neighboring states that have pulled in an estimated $1 billion each year from gamblers who’ve been crossing the border to wag

Ohio Casinos Opening

er at riverboats in Indiana, gaming tables in Michigan and casinos in western Pennsylvania.

With more Ohioans staying home to gamble, those states stand to lose millions in tax revenues that help pay for new schools, college scholarships, roads and bridges.

Cash-starved states are in

creasingly leaning on gambling money from new casinos to get them through lean times, yet there are concerns the rapid expansion of casino gambling is saturating the market.

Indiana alone estimates it will lose as much as $100 million in tax revenue in the first year after all four of Ohio’s casinos are operating.

Casinos came to Indiana in the mid-1990s and now are the state’s third-biggest revenue generator behind sales taxes and income taxes, bringing in just over $10 billion in tax money since its riverboat casinos first opened. Wagering and admission taxes raised $860 million in the state’s last fiscal year. But the numbers have been slipping the past three years because of increased competition and the economy.

“We were shockingly successful in the early years,” said Luke Kenley, a state senator who’s a key member of Indiana’s budget committee. “But other states have chipped away at us.”

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Columbus casino, Ohio’s 3rd, to open by October – Businessweek

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio’s third casino is scheduled to open by early October in Columbus.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission on Wednesday decided the Hollywood Casino Columbus should open by Oct. 8, as long as it meets necessary requirements.

Commission Executive Director Matt Schuler says that includes the installation of about 3,000 slot machines and 70 table games and the licensing of employees and the casino itself.

A spokesman for developer Penn National Gaming says about 900 of the 2,000 employees have been hired.

Ohio’s first two casinos opened earlier this year in Cleveland and Toledo. Gamblers bet more than $417 million during those casinos’ first full month in business, and operators paid out more than $371 million in winnings.

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First you have to answer this question. Am I playing for fun or to WIN?

I hope the answer is to WIN! If it is you must set a goal. How much do you want to win? $200-$2,000? You must then strategically select the table you will play at. (Read how in my book) Your selection could decide your fate before you even start.

You have to focus and implement your strategy ignoring the many distractions.

If you think you need help from the dealers? Make a bet for them next to yours and tell them its for them. Believe me they will be happy to help you!

As you are playing and should you start winning. You must increase your bets gradually at amounts that you are comfortable with. Using your winnings (the casinos money) to win more! Be patient not afraid.

Do not drink any cocktails while playing (unless you are playing for fun) Drinking while playing tends to give you added courage. You do not need. . .

Save the booze for the celebration after and dinner on them!

Try to take notice of repeating occurances. The same numbers coming out. A particular person rolling the dice longer. The mood at the table. (Do these people know what they are doing or just a bunch of idiots)? This all can matter.

Once you reach your goal. LEAVE! If you are still winning when you reach your goal?

Stay until you lose one bet. Just One! Then you know this session is over.

WALK AWAY. . .mission accomplished! If you stay too long your winnings can disappear fast. Do not force the issue just take what they give you.

Remember! Its your money! Educate yourself! You could change your luck for LIFE!

About casinos offering you a players card. They all do. Their reason is to offer you rewards. Hah! My suggestion is if you want one. Get one from a casino that has a lot of amenities with very nice accomadations that you might play at again with possible multiple locations.

My experience with casinos and their marketing practices is this: Most of the time you are better off paying cash. The amount of points they give you in relation to your play is a joke. Do not play to accumulate points! Play for the MONEY!

Sometimes. . .Sometimes. . . did I say Sometimes? The casino will send you an offer to stay at their hotel at a reduced rate. Plus if you are a card member they will give you a casino rate on the room. Always ask for this if they don’t offer it. This is a good deal.

But remember they are offering you something to get something…YOUR Money!

Your 1st. Visit To A Craps Table

Your 1st. Visit To A Craps Table

You have decided to try and play craps.You arrive at the table and its pretty crowded. You look at the table layout and you see several bets everywhere. The dealers are busy setting up bets and getting ready for the next roll.

Suddenly the stickman pushes the dice to a player and they roll the dice down the table. The stickman yells six easy six. The dealers start moving bets around and paying players their winning bets. And you are wandering what the heck is going on? All the winning bets are paid and the stickman gives the dice to the shooter and they roll again. The stickman yells winner eight came easy! Everybody starts yelling all at once and they are getting paid! Everybody!

You say to yourself “This looks like Fun I want to play” ! This is how you get started…

Make sure the dice are in the center of the table. Get the attention of one of the dealers and throw your money down in the “Come Area” on the layout and say change.

The dealer will take your money and give you the appropriate amount of chips. You then pick them up and place them in the rail of the table in front of you. You are now ready to play.

There are many strategies an various bets to make in craps. Don’t worry about knowing all thats going on yet. You are just learning. All you have to know is how YOUR bets win or lose.

When starting out most people will play the pass line and maybe a place bet or two and some will play the field. If there is no established point marked? Then we are starting. I suggest you make a $10 bet on the pass line. When the dice are being rolled you must keep your hands out of the way.
This is important! You never want the dice to hit your hand. . .never!

So, the shooter rolls the dice and they roll a seven. All pass line bets win when a seven or eleven roll on the first roll. You win! (If a two,three or twelve rolls you lose and will have to make another bet quickly). On the next roll the shooter rolls a nine. The dealers mark the nine with a puck and that becomes the number you need to win your pass line bet. You need another nine before a seven to win. There may be 100 bets on the layout? You only have one. Don’t worry we are going to make a couple more. If you want to? You don’t have to until you feel comfortable.

I would suggest when playing craps that you make a place bet on both the numbers six and eight.

These numbers are most likely to roll. So when the dice are in the center of the table put down in the come area $24 and tell the dealer you want to place the 6 and 8 for $12 each. The dealer will put your chips on the 6 and 8 boxes in your spot pertaining to your location on the table. You now have 3 bets to keep track of. A pass line bet and 2 place bets.

Every time a six or eight is rolled while the shooter is trying to roll the nine for a pass line winner.

You will win because you have a bet on them. You can always ask for a place bet back if you want to.

Just tell the dealer to take them down. Every time a 6 or 8 is rolled you will win $14 for your $12 bet.

You cannot take down the pass line bet. It must stay until there is a decision made good or bad.

If the shooter rolls the nine before a seven you will win your pass line bet and your place bets will stay where they are. They will go back into play after the shooter establishes their next point.

Some beginners will play the field. For one bet you get the seven different numbers that compose the field area for the next roll Only! This looks like a good bet but its not. I would avoid betting the field unless you notice the numbers in the field are constantly coming out. Betting the field all the time is not recommended. Most veteran players never play the field.

This is enough for today.You now know enough to get your feet wet. If you want to learn the entire game and impress your friends? Read my book! :)

Casino Atmosphere

Casino Atmosphere

You are walking in for the first time! You see people everywhere. Your eye movement increases.

You are trying to take it all in? You see people walking,playing card games,slot machines are everywhere it seems.

There are people in the sportsbook betting on their favorite teams.

You walk by the craps table and suddenly everybody starts screaming! Why? They must have all just won? There are people from every walk of life here. There are beautiful women and handsome men in every direction.

You are still walking and you are seeing the casino bars,night club entrances and restaurants  Galore!Then you see a poker room and all the tables going. You think “Thats a popular game” maybe I’ll trythat later?

You are still walking and trying to retain all this new information. Now you arrive at the shopping area and see 100′s of shops with every different flavor. Whats next? Its the POOL area! Its gigantic and beautiful! Full of hard bodies  tanning,swimming,drinking and generally having a GREAT time!

You realize that this place is full of fun. That you are not in Kansas. You are in Las Vegas! The entertainment capital of the WORLD!

Are you intimidated? Or ready to dive in? Its up to you! There is something for everybody here!