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First you have to answer this question. Am I playing for fun or to WIN?

I hope the answer is to WIN! If it is you must set a goal. How much do you want to win? $200-$2,000? You must then strategically select the table you will play at. (Read how in my book) Your selection could decide your fate before you even start.

You have to focus and implement your strategy ignoring the many distractions.

If you think you need help from the dealers? Make a bet for them next to yours and tell them its for them. Believe me they will be happy to help you!

As you are playing and should you start winning. You must increase your bets gradually at amounts that you are comfortable with. Using your winnings (the casinos money) to win more! Be patient not afraid.

Do not drink any cocktails while playing (unless you are playing for fun) Drinking while playing tends to give you added courage. You do not need. . .

Save the booze for the celebration after and dinner on them!

Try to take notice of repeating occurances. The same numbers coming out. A particular person rolling the dice longer. The mood at the table. (Do these people know what they are doing or just a bunch of idiots)? This all can matter.

Once you reach your goal. LEAVE! If you are still winning when you reach your goal?

Stay until you lose one bet. Just One! Then you know this session is over.

WALK AWAY. . .mission accomplished! If you stay too long your winnings can disappear fast. Do not force the issue just take what they give you.

Remember! Its your money! Educate yourself! You could change your luck for LIFE!

About casinos offering you a players card. They all do. Their reason is to offer you rewards. Hah! My suggestion is if you want one. Get one from a casino that has a lot of amenities with very nice accomadations that you might play at again with possible multiple locations.

My experience with casinos and their marketing practices is this: Most of the time you are better off paying cash. The amount of points they give you in relation to your play is a joke. Do not play to accumulate points! Play for the MONEY!

Sometimes. . .Sometimes. . . did I say Sometimes? The casino will send you an offer to stay at their hotel at a reduced rate. Plus if you are a card member they will give you a casino rate on the room. Always ask for this if they don’t offer it. This is a good deal.

But remember they are offering you something to get something…YOUR Money!

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