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Tips On Playing Craps & Gambling

1.) How do I enter the game? Wait until the dice are in the center of the table. Put your cash down in the area marked “Come” and say change. Pick up your chips and place them in the rail on the table in front of you. You are in!

2.) When rolling the dice you can only use one hand. You must roll the dice past the stickman to the end of the table so they bounce off the wall. (Gives everybody a fair roll) Casinos like this.

3.) When making propostion bets with the stickman. You throw your chips to them and state the numbers you want to bet on. When making bets with the base dealers you “DO NOT” throw your chips at them. You put them down in the “Come” area and tell the dealer which numbers you want to bet on.

4.) When making a Pass Line bet. Start with the table minimum. Say its $5. After the point is established add double that amount $10 behind the Pass Line bet. You get paid more than even money on this bet. This bet is called the “Odds” bet.

5.) You do not have to bet on the Pass Line unless you are rolling the dice. You can just make “Come bets” with odds or “Place bets” on the numbers that are most likely to roll. The stickman offers everyone playing the chance to roll the dice. It’s offered around the table in a clockwise manner. You can refuse to roll if you want. But “ROLL” it’s fun! Heck you might just be good at it?

6.) If you need help from the dealers? Make a bet for them. The most common bets for dealers are: A Pass line bet next to yours,a bet on the “Hardways” or a bet on the number “11” to roll on the come out roll. If you do this the service you get will be greatly improved. Do not wait until you finish your play to tip. Because the dealer does not know that you will ever tip? And tips are 90% of their income.

7.) Choose the table you play on wisely! This can determine your fate before you even start? Method’s on how can be found in my book.

8.) When you want to leave the table and you have a lot of chips. Get the dealers attention and tell them you want “Color”. Place your chips in the “Come area” and they will convert all your chips into larger denomination chips so you can carry them easily to the cashier…..Congratulations!

9.) Be sure to set a goal for this “session” of gambling. If you want to win $200 or $2,000? When this number is reached “LEAVE”. If you are on a winning streak when you hit your number? Continue until your first loss.

10.) When you are playing you will win some and lose some. Bet the table minimum until you start winning. Then start increasing your bets using the casino’s money until you lose. Then go back to the table minimum until you start winning again. Do not always bet the table minimum.

11.) Remember this: When gambling you will experience ups & downs during your play. Just like riding on a roller coaster. YOU! Have to decide when to get off? And just like a roller coaster… If you stay on too long you will get sick! This is hard! Why? Because you can’t leave when you are losing and don’t want to leave when you are winning! So when?

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